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Press Release

May 31, 2021


Vancouver photographer launches virtual gallery during

Pride season with show of male nudes


Vancouver—Photographer Hannes van der Merwe is launching his fine art prints virtual gallery during Pride season with Brave, an online showing of male nudes. The launch will be hosted by Hollywood actor Terry Ray and Canadian soul singer Dawn Pemberton, with Hannes and three of the models featured in the photos attending. 

Van der Merwe explains the name of the exhibition: “Brave is about me pushing through my own fears and insecurities to create what has been stirring within me for many years. With any dismantling of cultural norms, especially internalised ones, it takes courage and determination. The men in my photos are the real brave ones. To be photographed naked, without cover or camouflage, and to trust me with the images and the process, that takes courage.”

The online opening will take place on Zoom, Sunday June 13th at 11am PDT (2pm EDT). Hannes will discuss the inspiration for his work and the hosts will do a walk through of the virtual gallery. Attendees can ask the artist and models about specific works. There will be draws for prizes and a 25% discount on all orders that day.

Van der Merwe says photographing male nudes is a way for him to find his own place on the spectrum of masculinity. “Creating these images is a tool to help me deconstruct years of a very binary viewpoint on gender,” says Van der Merwe. “Instead of conforming my masculine identity to the notions and expectations of the outside world, I started to seek and create from within. It’s kind of like how I used to play with my cousin's Ken doll when I was a young boy,” he adds with a grin.  

The zoom link for Brave will be posted on the Hannes van der Merwe Fine Art Prints website. People can also access the opening by signing up for the Hannes van der Merwe Fine Art Prints newsletter at .

“I hope these images challenge the viewer to examine their own unique place on the gender spectrum and occupy that space for themselves,” says Van der Merwe, “And add some fun to the 2021 Pride season!”

For more information:

Hannes van der Merwe
604 612 6723
Instagram account @hommefoto

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