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These are the traits I am guided by and the kind of results my clients rely on.


Based on my years of experience and creative direction, I help you tell your unique story with visuals that are iconic and memorable, separating you from your competitors and adding value to your brand.


Achieving this differentiating value starts with telling novel visual stories. Working with you, I plan, conceptualize, and embed my guiding values of quality, creativity, and novelty. This way ensures we create an end product that is exclusive and impactful.


Creative work can be hard and challenging, but you can be confident in my technical mastery and that each artistic choice is focused on achieving your goals.


Not only do clients get a unique, exclusive, and impactful product from working with me, but their positive experience is something they talk about with their peers and colleagues. 

"Hannes has been a great creative partner in our company’s photography ventures. As design director for hotel brands we have collaborated on multiple shoots, and Hannes has delivered an amazing portfolio of images that not only met the brief but uniquely captured the experience of our properties in every image. He is quite enjoyable to work with throughout the process, from concept and production to shooting and delivering assets. Hannes is detailed oriented, considerate of the goals, and delivers great results. I look forward to working with him again in the near future." - Scott David Fedje, Design Director for Resorts Palm Springs

"I’ve worked with many photographers, but every time I work with Hannes I am reminded why he’s my favorite. His on-the-fly creativity combined with a high level of professionalism, makes him a cut above the others. Hannes has an eye that captures “moments of magic”…something other photographers completely miss! The quality of his work is in a league of its own, and I’ll be working with him for years to come." - Matthew Olshefski, The Shirtless Violinist

"What I appreciate about working with Hannes is his sensitivity to his client's dreams and goals. Hannes is able to truly listen and then conceptualize what will work visually. Hannes brings a freshness to all his work that results in videos or photos that are warm, compelling and engaging. With that creativity however, there is no compromising the relationship with the client: Hannes is always warm, thoughtful and supportive." - Rhian Walker 

"I've worked with Hannes on several shoots and it's been a pleasure!  He has a strong eye for composition and always makes the models look fantastic!  On top of that, he's very professional and quick in sending the photos, which is super important in our industry.  Looking forward to our next shoot!" - Sergei Yahchybekov, Booker at Richard's Models

"As a designer, I have a specific vision in mind and how I want my clothing to look when photographed. The fact that Hannes delivered EXACTLY what I had in my head, speaks volumes about his creativity and attention to detail. Every photo hit my brief exactly and I couldn’t be happier with the level of quality in the photos I received! Plus the guys were A++" - Reese De Luca, by[REESEDELUCA]

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